Whats with the name?


Each bag can be one's totally own. That's why it was wanted that the brand shall be called like that. But instead of "Totally-Yours" it's "TOTElly-Yours". Cuz we sell TOTE-bags hahah get the pun?

our values


Everyone has their own! And that is why we always keep adding new designs regularily. Each design focuses on a different radiance of compassion from different animals. They're focused on our nature and its divine diversity. They are drawn with a henna-like style to add a bit of a different spice to the aesthetic.


Every design has a story to tell from a different culture. Each one stands for its own story and importace. They are integrated with symbolics to add more depht to them. Animals have always played a big role in various ancient cultures. We only take inspirations from these different beliefs and try to spread their art combined with ours. With each design there is a description to it.


We strive to respect an ecological approach for each of the different stages of our work: organic and/or eco-responsible goods, eco-certified inks and plastic-free packaging.We only produce the amount of bags that are actually needed. Nothing goes to waste. The DTG-Printing Machines from Kornit require less water and Neopigments that are biological degradable.

HOW DID it come to this?

"I am a student with a passion for art who founded this brand at 18 for my final year project in high school. Not having chosen art as my major for university, I hope to have another purpose for designing through this brand. 

Since I already had a lot of exposure to henna-art being Indian I wanted to combine that art with another one to create a new aesthetic. I decided to portray animals that have carried a deep meaning in different cultures. I am facinated by the diversity and beauty of the different cultures and want to share that through my art."

Ishana Rana :)