Cotton Candy Flaming Elevation

Cotton Candy Flaming Elevation

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In various cultures around the world, butterfly symbolism represents the world of the soul or the soul itself! The ancient Greeks for example called the butterfly ‘psyche’, named by the philosopher Aristotle, which means mind or soul. This design is about finding joy and ease in life in different circumstances.  The flames represent the sparks that enlivens one. In the mind, fiery intelligence, and fiery emotions, along with passion, contribute to a fiery experience of the being. Looking at the grace and eloquence of the butterfly, one can realize that one's journey is its only guarantee. One's responsibility is to make its way in faith, accept the change that comes and emerges from one's transitions as brilliantly as the butterfly. 
    • Printed one-sided
    • Dimensions: 37x43cm
    • Thick CANVAS; 300g/m²
    • 80% recycled ring-spun combed cotton / 20% recycled polyester (GOTS label)
    • Top edge double folded for strength and clean finish
    • Long handles with reinforced cross stitch
    • Shaping seam at the bottom to create volume

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