Ghost of the Forest nat vers

Ghost of the Forest nat vers

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The black panther is often called 'the ghost of the forest'. It is a smart and stealth-like attacker. it’s rare to find agility, power, grace, and beauty all rolled up into one wondrous animal. As a powerful animal, the Black Panther draws your attention to your feminine power within. It helps you see your potential and proposes following a path that will make you stronger and more independent. The panther signifies darkness, death, and rebirth. One can say that only from death one is reborn.
    • Printed one-sided
    • Dimensions: 37x43cm
    • Thick CANVAS; 300g/m²
    • 80% recycled ring-spun combed cotton / 20% recycled polyester (GOTS label)
    • Top edge double folded for strength and clean finish
    • Long handles with reinforced cross stitch
    • Shaping seam at the bottom to create volume

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