Empyreal Afterglow - dark vers.
Empyreal Afterglow - dark vers.
Empyreal Afterglow - dark vers.

Empyreal Afterglow - dark vers.

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The bull has played a central role in the history of many different cultures and is therefore held in high spiritual regard in most communities around the world. A common root in these cultures is that it is associated with the sun and God's power. The bulls' horns symbolize solar energies and life and are seen as the sun-bow, shooting its ray-arrows.  Instead of the horns, there are flames emerging from the bull's eyes in this design. Together with the solar connotation, the bull also represents earth and the underworld connected with the wandering souls of the dead. The 3 "tunnels" with the intertwined flow in the bull's face represent the gates between the living and the underworld. To additionally support the symbolism that the bull also rules the throat chakra in the body, there is "chakra" (as in pure energy) flowing out from the bull's mouth. The design on the bull's neck is inspired by the painting "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt. The hourglass in the center of the forehead should remind one that spiritual thoughts/ideas from our minds must move into our hearts in order to cause a change in us.

Empyreal Afterglow; As in twilight (a zone in which the doors to all worlds are open) formed of pure fire or light.

    • Printed one-sided
    • Dimensions: 37x43cm
    • Thick CANVAS; 300g/m²
    • 80% recycled ring-spun combed cotton / 20% recycled polyester (GOTS label)
    • Top edge double folded for strength and clean finish
    • Long handles with reinforced cross stitch
    • Shaping seam at the bottom to create volume

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