The Alvicus Tote-Bag
The Alvicus Tote-Bag
The Alvicus Tote-Bag
The Alvicus Tote-Bag
The Alvicus Tote-Bag

The Alvicus Tote-Bag

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Striving to not only support and partner with women who are on their way to unlocking their full potential, but also opening up new doors for them along the way using the "Alvicus key"!

This bag symbolizes the mission to help women in any Alvicus can. Orange lilies symbolize energy, warmth, confidence and honor; they are the perfect flower to express admiration for the achievements women have made so far in history. Women are a key part to building thriving economies, communities and businesses. Women make money work!


  • Printed one-sided
  • Dimensions: 37x43cm
  • Thick CANVAS; 300g/m²
  • 80% recycled ring-spun combed cotton / 20% recycled polyester (GOTS label)
  • Top edge double folded for strength and clean finish
  • Long handles with reinforced cross stitch
  • Shaping seam at the bottom to create volume

Why Tote-Bags?

Because they rock

The tote-bag is a structured bag that is designed for convenience, durability and style. Because of their shape they are designed for maximum storage while still keeping a clean look. They can be instant culture signifiers, conveying a high-impact statement about the wearer's interests with little investment. 

Whether for fashion or functionality, the tote-bag is the convenient bag for any purpose!